Múinteoirí a Spreagann Éire 2021

2019 Nominee

Learned So MuchBy Rachel Broderick

She inspires me to be a better parent, she is my son’s teacher and yet I've learned so much from her. Patience, a love of learning and raising the bar. She does it all.

"Teachers are a different type of person, to be able to guide and educate children; they are amazing. Giving the gift of a happy education is beyond priceless, to do so in the manner Sinead does is astounding to behold. If Mary Poppins looked good to you, you have never met Sinead!"

Sinead O'Mahony was chosen for her unstinting dedication to her students, consistently going the “extra mile” for them and their families and for the manner in which she fosters and cultivates a culture of inclusion for all within the school system.

Ba mhaith linn cluinstin uait

Táimid ar lorg scéalta maidir le múinteoireacht spreagúil ó gach cearn na hÉireann, agus thar na glúnta. An raibh tionchar dearfach ag múinteoir ar do shaol nó ar shaolta daoine eile timpeall ort?

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