Múinteoirí a Spreagann Éire 2019 2021

She was just this amazing magnetic person, and when she came into the room you just wanted to be near her and you wanted to be impressing her and we worked so much harder because of that.


Eithne Shortall is a journalist, broadcaster and author. Eithne is the chief arts writer with the Irish edition of the Sunday Times newspaper and a regular contributor to RTÉ Radio. She grew up in Dublin and studied journalism at Dublin City University. She has been a regular contributor to RTE Radio and has worked as a television presenter with RTE, BBC Northern Ireland and TG4. Eithne is the author of three novels, Love in Row 27, Grace After Henry and most recently, Three Little Truths, published in October 2019.

Teachers Inspire 2020

Má chaill tú an spriocdháta nó mura n-éiríonn le do ainmniúchán i mbliana, beidh muid ar ais i 2020.