Múinteoirí a Spreagann Éire 2019 2021

Somebody having a faith and a confidence in you, it can make you bulletproof and I want my child to have that when they go to school, I want somebody who makes them feel bulletproof and great at something.


Andrea Corr is a musician, actor and author. She achieved global success and fame as the lead singer with The Corrs, alongside her brother Jim and her sisters Caroline and Sharon. She has acted on both stage and screen, beginning with The Commitments and she has tread the boards at The Old Vic and The Gate Theatre. She has been noted for her charity work throughout her career and was awarded an honorary M.B.E. by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005 for her contributions to charity and music. She published her first book, Barefoot Pilgrimage, in 2019.

Teachers Inspire 2020

Má chaill tú an spriocdháta nó mura n-éiríonn le do ainmniúchán i mbliana, beidh muid ar ais i 2020.