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2019 Stories

A Brilliant MindBy Liam Moggan

"Seamas Cassidy taught me in the early '70's. I am still friends with him today. That alone tells much of the man, but let me explain

His love of teaching oozed over the whole town. Timetables in the Mercy Convent and Presentation Convent were adapted so that all students interested in Honours Maths could attend his classes. This was unheard of before. All secondary school classes that we ever knew of were segregated by gender. After school, Cass as we knew him, became immersed in our other interests, especially sport, but not exclusively so. He wasn't a sports coach but his ability to help us to think for ourselves always made training sessions different and interesting and enjoyable. He spent hours helping us in our chosen interests before once again offering his help with Maths in the evenings."

He was selected not only for the profound impact he had on the life of his nominator but also his local community.

Seamas’s passion for teaching was renowned locally and he was described as a “pioneering adult who helped young people to believe in themselves as individuals and to think for themselves.”

The review panel learned about the many ways in which Seamas made a difference, including opening up places in his higher-level Maths class to girls from neighbouring convent schools, at a time when certain educational opportunities were restricted for girls.

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