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2019 Stories

She Understood UsBy Dylan Woods

I felt alone and that I had no one to talk to, but she saw what was happening with me, how I would isolate myself from others in my class, and she stepped in to help

"Kelly Loughran has been an inspiration to me and my Leaving Certificate Applied Class throughout my time in Beech Hill. She is kind-hearted, caring and empathetic. She related to us, understood the trials and hardships that we were going through, and extended her hand to help us whenever we needed it."

Kelly was selected for the extra lengths she goes to in her role as a teacher consistently going above and beyond what is required.

In the words of her nominator “she doesn’t just treat us like students, she treats us like people.” Kelly’s role as a counsellor for students across the school community and her running of the Diversity Committee; all in addition to her teaching; have had a positive impact on the whole school community.

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